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So the elections are over and the choice has been made – now we must live with it.  A choice made in fear with the winners creating that fear so they can ferther their agenda and run the town into the ground.  I hope you all can live with this choice because in two years the rest of us will point at you and say, “we told you so!”

These people could care less about this town and just want to make themselves look good and spend all our money doing it.

Case in point the town park that will be closer to Cortland County then to most of the people in town.  Do we really need to spend the money on something like this when the State is going to pull us into court over the attempt to keep fracking out.  I hate to break this to you,but the State always wins.  So put on a bra and pull up your big girl pants and hold on cause they are a coming for you and we are going to help them.


So tomorrow is election day and the race is tense to put it nicely and we will see if things will change or stay the same.  I know one thing, something must change or we will all fail.  One thing I will tell everyone that is running, if you do the same old we will get rid of you.  If you have an agenda, forget it.  We are not the same people we were and we will call you on it.  And if you talk down to us, we will be sure to remove you.  You work for us and not the other way around and don’t forget it.  I am hoping for change because I’m sick of being talked down to and I’m sick of people in office spending my tax dollars as if it grows on trees.  But we’ll see what happens.

Hello and welcome to a Dryden New York resident’s blog.  I am a conservative and want to have a place to voice my opinion on matters in my town.

There has been corruption, backdoor deals and the attitudes on the part of our elected officials.  Even though we the people vote these people into office, they felt we were under them and they would do anything they wanted no matter what the people wanted.    Because the people are not smart enough to understand how it works.

I know some will disagree with me, and I really don’t care.  This is my opinion and I am not asking you to read my blog.  So if you don’t like it, stop reading.

A very important person I know says something that I try to stand by.  “The Truth has no agenda”.  So I will say that I will do my best to tell the truth and have facts to backup what I am saying.

I believe that my children and grandchildren will not see the America that I grew up in and if the older American’s do not work to restore America to the country it once was, it will be gone forever.